Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Fragrant Narcissi and Finally Some Tulips

The raised beds are now blooming with color, with all but the single late tulip varieties in full bloom. Here's the larger raised bed, showing some obvious bare spots. I'm hoping to get some new perennials to fill in the "holes". It would be really nice to have some short flowering perennial to sprawl over the rock wall edges. I'll be working on that for next year.

Here is double late tulip "Blue Diamond", which is open only in the morning and early afternoon, closing by supper. From a distance, you can't tell that it's a double-flowered tulip, so it blends in with the single blooms of a similar-colored tulip. I'm not totally impressed, but the close-up shot is pretty.

Double late tulip, "Blue Diamond" from above:

Trumpet Daffodils and Negrita Triumph tulips:

An oddly side-facing "Zurel" bi-colored tulip.

Poetaz Narcissus "Geranium" has got to be my favourite narcissus (not that I have an extensive collection). It is beautiful and smells absolutely wonderful, two qualities that any gardener might personally strive for! Here it is in the sloped rock garden.

Another photo of Bergenia cordifolia's flowers, just because I really like this perennial a lot:

Bright morning sun on the tulips:

Aha! The Papaver somniferum (breadseed poppies) seedlings are coming up! I let last year's plants self seed and a nice number of plants has come up in the back of the raised bed this spring.

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