Saturday, June 07, 2008

Even More Tulips and Rock Wall Pictures

The blooming of the tulips makes a colorful show in our yard for the first two weeks of June. I love it. I only wish I could go perennial shopping to fill in spots where some other plants died over the winter. Unfortunately, RLM doesn't think that the 580 km round trip for a few plants is really justified and I have to agree. Reluctantly, of course. Instead, I'm getting my perennials for free! Yeah, I'm digging up my own plants and dividing them. It's a little boring, but effective.

Here are some gratuitous pictures of dry-stack rock walls and tulips for your enjoyment!

Both of the raised beds amid a lawn that needs some rehab:

The larger raised bed, looking towards the road:

Alchemilla mollis in the foreground and Negrita (purple) and Zurel (white/purple) Triumph tulips in the back:

Single late tulip "Menton" in front of "Negrita" tulips.

Some of the larger perennials are starting to grow too tall in front of the tulips!

The white blooms of wild pincherries make a cloud in the background.


Cicero Sings said...

I like your rock walls. We need to learn the trick of making them!

Karen said...

Beautiful photos of your beautiful garden. I'm not sure how I would survive with such a long distance between myself and the nearest perennial shopping. No wonder you are such a master at growing from seeds.

Clayton said...

Looks great, knowing your area a little from past trips up that way. You have done a great job.

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

I love those rock walls and good job on the gardens! I used to have Alchemilla mollis and Negrita tulips but those did not come with our new house in BC. Maybe I can add them, after I figure out all the plants that DID come with the house. YIKES!!