Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dendrobium in Bloom

As I write this, I can see and hear snowmobiles zipping past the house. The lake is frozen as far out as you can see, though I flew over it three days ago and saw the sunrise glowing through rising steam coming off the lake just north of town.

The air feels dry, bringing back winter's itchy skin. I have fired up the humidifier for our room, and its feels great. RLM may not be impressed to come home today to find condensation running down the windows. He may prefer dry, but I'd like to live the life of mould in a warm (not hot) and humid place. The and orchids and me, we'd do well together.

This particular orchid blooms about three times a year. I bought it as an unlabeled Dendrobium, but I've seen a similar one in orchid books called "Thongchai Gold". Maybe that is what this one is. It is very easy to grow. It had two small canes when I bought it and now it has nearly outgrown this pot. I'll have to go pot shopping soon. I have another orchid making a flower spike (a phaelenopsis) which should bloom by Christmas. That should be beautiful!


Cicero Sings said...

That orchid looks amazing. My sister loves to grow orchids but I've not the patience to fuss.

As for itchy, dry skin ... try an after shower/bath oil. I make my own. I'm not willing to divulge my recipe but try an oil like Macadamia Nut or Sweet Almond, or Apricot, or Jojoba or a combination (olive oil is too heavy for easy absorption) plus some vitamin E ... then while skin is still wet, squirt some oil in your hand, rub some on other hand and then over legs and arms and anywhere that is itchy. My own concoction absorbs readily and by the time one is ready to dress one is no longer oily. Lotion is oil mixed with water with the aid of emulsifiers ... because water is used, preservatives must also be used to prevent spoilage. All those chemicals make for more itch! Cut to the quick and use oil and the water the shower on your body to spread evenly ... a much better moisturizer. The company I buy my oils from is called Voyageur Soap and Candle in Langley. I'm sure you should be able to find a company closer to yourself.

P.S. Jojoba oil is really a type of plant wax. It is very like the oil your own skin produces. It is expensive but worth it. Jojoba doesn't spoil readily ... neither does Wheat Germ Oil {another good oil to use (about 10-20%)} ... they help extend the life of other oils (as oils can go rancid ... some sooner than others). Vitamin E helps to preserve as well as is healing for the skin.

My husband won't be out of our bath oil. Other family members like the oil ... especially if they have chlorinated water ... it just helps the itch.

I add a few drops of essential oil to my concoction. Lavender E.O. is not too expensive and adds a nice scent. Don't use fragrance oils as they are synthetic.

the Red Scot said...

The best houseplants: easy to grow ones!

Mrs. Miles said...

M. and I bought orchids for our wedding, and they bloom each year right about the time of our anniversary. Ha, you have a green thumb my girl, ours are lucky to survive in my hands.

I can attest to Cicero's oil - its amazing as she left a small amount with us after her visit... its only doled out in tiny amounts to make it last. It smells heavenly and does make the skin feel soft and supple.

Thanks for sharing!

B & M

Gardenista said...

Cicero - your body oil sounds absolutely wonderful. I'm going to be on the lookout for jojoba oil. I'm not sure about sources nearby, but maybe places will mail order (and I'm amazing at finding mail order stuff). I like that store called "Escents" in Vancouver, for their essential oils that I diffuse into rooms for the aromatherapy scents. So nice to have some evergreen smells at Christmas too. I don't know if they have body oils though?

Cicero Sings said...

Hi there!

You can mail order from Voyageur ... here is the very page where the jojoba oil is:,9341&ManuID=&KeepPage=1

I would say, combine jojoba oil with some wheat germ oil with some vitamin E with some Lavender E.O. for a simple blend ... not requiring the purchase of too many oils! Macadamia Nut Oil is nice too.

Vic Grace said...

I am so glad I found you. I was visiting 'cicero sings' and saw your comment. I am in Zone 2 so I will enjoy seeing what you are able to grow. We have lived up here for four years but were on Vancouver Island before. It is a whole new growing experience.

I certainly have to use something for dry skin in the winter. I find products seem to work for me.