Thursday, September 13, 2007

Warbler Rescue Operation

A thud on the living room window interrupted my lunch yesterday. A little yellow bird was twitching on the front deck, lying in a puddle in near-freezing weather. It looked stunned, but was still breathing, so I picked it up and put it on some straw in a bucket and kept it in the warm garage until this morning. He flew off into the bushes this morning, despite my concerns that the blow to the head might have caused blindness.

Little yellow bird, seems to look most like a orange crowned warbler:

Resident-lawnmower-man thought my concerns were ridiculous, and added sarcastically "Yeah, and maybe it has epilepsy too." "Or blind AND epileptic." Not that he didn't care for the bird. He was the one who suggested that I need to give it a water bowl in addition to the bird seed. His family has rehabilitated several birds on their farm and RLM himself was a childhood chicken-raising entrepreneur who used the profits to buy a cow! I recall my urban child self being more interested in clothes at the mall...

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Clayton said...

Well good on you both! We have a large south facing window and often hear thuds but seldom find anybody there so they must recover quickly or our cat gets there before we do. Did find a dead robin a few weeks ago so he obviously was flying at a higher speed.

Love your shots of your yard. Great job.