Saturday, September 08, 2007

Fungus and Flowers

There has been a nice amount of rain recently, leading to a few more mushrooms in the lawn, and no need to turn on the sprinklers. To sum up our watering needs, I hand water in June only to linger longer with the blooming bulbs, use the sprinkler generously during the baking heat of July, and only water the potted plants in August.
Annual salvia, still looking nice.

The large raised bed full of perennials. I made a spot for a new peony and have marked all the potential bulb locations with purple stakes. Hello bulbs, I am ready!

Smaller raised bed with perennials thinned, ready for new perennials and bulbs.

A fungus in the lawn -- looks like a cluster of dinner buns!

September month is bulb-planting month in the north! I am waiting from orders from Lilies in the Valley, Veseys, and a garden center in Campbell River, BC. Hopefully, all orders come before the ground freezes, which has been problem in the past with some mail-order companies.

Sedum "Brilliant", but no blooms yet!

"Blue Bird" Delphinium elatum -- reblooming.


Crafty Gardener said...

Your gardens are looking lovely. We haven't had any rain and mine are looking very dried out. Your raised beds are wonderful. Have fun planting all the bulbs.

Green thumb said...

Hi Gardenista, the landscaping in your garden is great,esp liked the stone bordered raised beds.

A very interesting shot of fungi, indeed!!

the Red Scot said...

Looks like things are going well at La Ronge! Good luck with early frosts!

Gardenista said...

Thanks crafty, green thumb, and red scot...I'm keeping on gardening to the bitter end, of the season that is!