Friday, September 07, 2007

Spiral Pepper Plants

I am growing "Heat wave" chili peppers in the basement for kitchen use, because we can't find any in town. They have been growing successfully, which is my problem. I grow my plants on shelves under grow lights, but the plants have grown too tall for the shelves! This is my first attempt at making them shorter by wiring them into having spiral stems. I am using bonsai wire and bending the stems a little each day, since pepper stems are quite brittle.
Check out this pepper plant:

I have 3 plants that I am artificially deforming to fit under my lights. All have buds and flowers on them. Hopefully, I'll get some peppers from them! I am also growing "Top Girl" yellow peppers for some variety.

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Cherie said...

I love it! Bonsai peppers. Congrats on your breaking the mould.

As for your tomatoes, have you tried planting them laying down using only the top half a foot of soil. Or even growing them in pots to avoid the cold nights in the spring or fall. Of course, that requires more labour as you have to constantly move the pots.