Sunday, March 18, 2012

Some Southern Sunshine - A Vacation

We just got back from a vacation to southern Arizona, where there was sun, sun and more sun. Rain is scarce there, which is evident from the cactus-dominant landscape. A little irrigation allows you to grow some pretty plants though, and I enjoyed examining the variety of great stuff that grows down there.
Iceplant in Arizona:

There are several species of plants that are called iceplants and they come in lively colors and several make nice groundcovers. I have grown a similar plant here that occasionally is hardy over the winter. It is a species called Delosperma (known as the hardy ice plant), and has succulent everygreen leaves and similar bright flowers. It is well worth finding and growing. Wrightman alpines is selling the yellow-flowered D. nubigenum. I've grown that one here and it is quite nice.


Marigold said...

Beautiful! I looked them up and they are available here in the UK too - but I don't know whether they will be attacked by our slugs and snails? Do you know?


Gardenista said...

Regarding slugs - mine never were bothered, but I could imagine that slugs would like this plant. The plant should be planted somewhere with good drainage though, and not kept soggy. Such conditions would be less friendly to slugs.