Saturday, March 24, 2012

Can't see Spring for the Snow

Adverse driving conditions for the Cozy Coupe:

My early spring bulbs could be poking up above the earth right now, but I'd never know. Snow has been falling from the sky much of the last three days. The ice scraper/snow brush is still very useful to brush off the car in the morning and the local hospital remains busy due to falls on ice. Oh, spring in the north, is this how it is going to be? To be fair though, I did see some pussy willows this week.

Gardening still remains limited to pondering seedlings and watching the houseplants. I love the succulent Echeveria, which I would like to own in every shape, color and size. The pot of them pictured below was an outdoor pot last summer. They did well indoors over the winter. They are very easy to propagate too. I just break off one of the fleshy leaves, let the leaf sit to dry for a day or two, and then stick it in some potting soil. It takes root and produces a new little plant in a few months. I never kept the name tags of the plants below, but there is a velvety silver-blue one on the bottom right, which contrasts so well with the other colors and smooth textures of the others. I just love these plants!

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spurge said...

It's so hard to see snow when you're longing for bright spring flowers! At least your climate is behaving relatively normally - here it is so warm, everything is coming up and blooming at once. We will be done with spring by April, then it will probably freeze and everything will be dead :-( The slow steady course of your weather is much more prudent!