Monday, March 26, 2012

Dear Cousin in BC

Dear cousin in Nanaimo, British Columbia (hardiness zone 7b),
I read your facebook update today about planting your strawberry patch. I applaud gardening of any variety, but the contrast between our garden conditions is hard to take at times. We may be having some beautiful sunshine, but let me show you a picture of my strawberry patch. Well, you'll have to believe that it actually is a strawberry patch, because it's covered in a foot of snow. I had to put on my knee-high heavy winter boots to plow through the snow on the trail to the garden patch. I wore mittens. As I took the picture below, no less than four snowmobiles roared past our house. Did you know that the lake will not thaw for another two months?
Vegetable and strawberry raised bed:

This is my sign of hope -- the beginnings of bare earth on a slope in the sunshine:

In the meanwhile, I will have to enjoy the plants with what is called "winter interest". This includes shrubs/trees/perennials with berries or fruit, interesting seed heads, or attractive bark. This is one my my Siberian dogwoods. I got this shrub particularly for the bright red stems, which look lovely against the snow. Take that, strawberry-planting cousin...


Cousin in Nanaimo said...

Lisa I couldn't stop laughing.
I must take a picture of my strawberry patch and compare notes words don't do it any justice.
Patty says hold on to hope spring is coming. Winter has past flowers appear on the earth the season of singing has come. S.S. 2:11-12.
Are the birds singing yet?
At least you have beutiful colours in the night sky. We would love to see that.
Darryl and Patty (<:

Clayton said...

Lisa doesn't it just get you! Though we do not have much snow left here at Saskatoon it really does not matter because you cannot plant anything that would not freeze hard anyway. Though I do see leaves of the Columbine and Daylily peaking up where I cleaned off the old tops. Lack of snow is just as frustrating with the time left till frost disappears!
Keep dreaming of the flowers of spring!