Monday, May 02, 2011

First Blooms in the Alpine Garden

This is a small post for a small plant: Draba polytricha has bloomed in the alpine garden. This entire plant is about the size (and shape) of a golf-ball. It is a tight little bun of a plant and clearly very hardy, as it lived through two winters so far, including the terrible one of 2009. It looks like a hairy little grey-green bun the rest of the year and probably will look really cool many years from now, as it expands into its rocky crevice.

This photo reminds me that I need to get a useful tripod for my heavy camera and moderately heavy new lens. Unfortunately, I don't exactly know what to get. These little alpine plants require getting pretty low and close. Any photographers have some good ideas?


The Sage Butterfly said...

So lovely, these small yellow blooms among the green.

quu said...

So much power and greatness, in so tiny plant. Alpine plants are so pretty and I always try to find them in our hiking trips up to Lapland.

I wish my Pulsatilla would look so great as yours, lovely! One of my favourite plants ever.

krystl said...

you can get a 'table top' tripod. they are short- and just about perfect for these situations