Saturday, May 07, 2011

Tiny Spring Bulbs & Flowers

The lawn is still brown, the lake is still frozen, and the shrubs have yet to grow any leaves. The broad landscape looks dismal on this rainy day, unless you look closely. On a small scale, there is beauty in the tiny flowers of the early spring bulbs. I only have a few of these, but enjoy them nonetheless. All the tiny spring bulbs should be planted in clusters, for maximal effect. I'm hoping my bulbs rapidly divide and bulk up their clusters, so that they can be appreciated from afar (and not just my flower-seeking camera).
Scilla siberica:

Tulipa humilis violacea will be opening soon:

I have these tiny pink botanical tulips planted on my rock garden slope, which they appreciate for its good drainage. These are not picky or demanding little tulips, and have survived the worst winters here.
Fritilaria meleagris has emerged from the soil:

While the rest of Canada's daffodils are probably long past, mine will probably bloom at the end of May. I suppose there are not many other gardeners waiting longer for spring blooms than us here in zone 1b. Beyond this zone, I don't know how many bulb would even survive! Any Siberian gardeners out there?


The Garden Ms. S said...

Right now there is lots of scilla blooming here in Edmonton. It is a welcome sight. I saw the first narcissus today in someone's south-facing bed. There are still piles of snow in shady areas as well as in the woods but spring is definitely here. I haven't seen any planted containers yet but it won't be long. Bring on the colour!

easygardener said...

It is so interesting to see gardens in more extreme zones...makes me feel very lucky that I have an easier time! Only two of my Tulipa humilis flowered this year. Perhaps they prefer your colder weather :-)

Carolyn ♥ said...

Your flower seeking camera is doing a great job... those tiny blooms are sweet.

Anjali said...

In my Calgary garden I've just seen my first tulip today. The squill, chionodoxa and snow crocus opened in the last week. Still waiting on my daffodils to open too!

Heather said...

So happy to find another garden climate in which "spring" bulbs bloom into May and June! Peak spring bulb bloom was in June this year. My chionodoxa were the first thing out, blooming away as the birch leaves peeked out. It was spectacular, even if it was early May. :)