Saturday, April 30, 2011

Amazing Seedlings - Zucchini Video

The junior gardener #1 remarked that "that plant grows really fast", after watching this time lapse video of a zucchini (courgette to those east of the Atlantic) seedling I have under lights, growing indoors.

Even without time lapse, any of the curcurbit vegetable family (cucumber, squash, etc.) seem to have phenomenal growth as seedlings, and start out quite large. This is why I chose it for the time lapse photos! Kids love this kind of stuff.

You may see a few frames that include a fungus gnat, which looks like a small fruit fly. They are not too big of a problem (nothing like aphids on your indoor plants), and are easily caught by yellow sticky-paper traps that you can purchase in the gardening section of your local hardware store. Alas, I have been negligent in putting out more traps...

Otherwise, I spread a bit more cow manure around the yard. It makes for a lovely weekend casual activity to be followed by tea and phone calls to family. For added challenge, do it while wearing your nice clothes and keep your fingernails clean, while waving to passing neighbours. Be sure to ask them how their spring manure-spreading is going.


Clayton said...

Neat. Too funny about the fingernails etc. There is no way you can garden without dirt under your nails except with gloves all the time. I usually toss them after the first time I have to take one off. How much success do you have transplanting cucurbits.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Very cool. I will have to play it for my little son. Funky music too. :)