Friday, September 19, 2008

Waiting for The Bulbs

We've been checking the post office box for little cards saying we have a package, hoping for the fall bulbs to arrive. Alas, nothing yet. Checking the blog from years past shows I've planted fall bulbs in the first week of October. I guess I have some time yet. The fall colors have really come out in the last few days, though I hope the leaves don't fall too soon!

A brief rainstorm last night produced this beautiful rainbow over Lac La Ronge.

Kona sits in anticipation for bulb-planting season (if only she knew what a bulb was...)

The perennial Geraniums are reblooming now:

The crabapple leaves in their fall colors:


Jan said...

I just received my Louisiana irises that I ordered in July, so I know how it is to be expecting a garden order. It is hard to wait for those fall orders once the air turns cooler, and we are ready to plant.

Anonymous said...

I planted mine today. Last year, I did not get them in because of an early snowfall... so this year I am taking precautions!!

Instead of unique/ expensieve varieties, I opted for quantity, and bought a bag of 45 pink, and a bag of 45 lemon yellow darwin hybrid types for $9.99 a bag. Not a bad bargain eh :)

where do you order yours from?

Gardenista said...

I ordered my bulbs from Veseys and Botanus. I got a few bare root plants including daylilies, hybrid lilies, and perennials from Lilies in the Valley, a Canadian mail order company. Those last ones are already planted. I'm just waiting on the bulbs, while making diagrams of my gardens and deciding where to place them. I've aimed for both exotic varieties and quantity, adding a bulk order of yellow daffodils. I'm telling RLM that this is "an investment". Ha!

Anonymous said...

Ohh did you get the 35$ off from the offer?

I was going to order some bubls from the catalogue, but then realized I could get more from the local hardware store.

They have nice perennials too, but I took note of some of the ones I like, and will look for them next spring at a good nursery (minus the packaging!!) lol. I guess for you it is easier to get access to bulbs through mail-order/ online, no?

Anyways, I have my heart set on tree peonies! They seem so exotic. :P lol

ps. One tulip that I love is the multiple bloom type call 'Toronto'. It is short, blooms late, but is super nice.

Barbarapc said...

I'm hoping to circumvent the waiting process and pick mine up tomorrow - hope springs eternal. Had a look at the progress pictures of your new rock garden - it's exceptional. You'll have the international alpine societies in your backyard before you know it.

jodi said...

Everything looks SO beautiful, gardenista! I haven't ordered bulbs this year because of surgery sometime this fall, so I'm going to content myself with buying some from a local nursery and getting them in sometime in October once I get the area cleared of weeds. I'm only buying tulips (which I buy each year) and some snowdrops for further colonizing. We haven't had a frost yet, not here on my hill, so there's plenty of time yet.

bjb said...

What a beautiful dog you have! She just suits your garden! LOL. Have a wonderful fall. I have enjoyed reading your blog in the past and know I will continue in the future.