Friday, September 26, 2008

Aerial View of Fall

I got these pictures during a flight by tiny plane to the small community of Stanley Mission today. I didn't get any decent aerial photos of our yard, however, but I'm still learning how to use my new camera!
Islands in Lac La Ronge:

Stanley Mission historic church, the oldest standing building in Saskatchewan. I thought the cemetery was really striking in this picture (click on picture to see larger image). This is an old Anglican church built in the 1800s. It is still used on special occasions.

On a garden note, I planted some of my bulbs including Scilla siberica, Chionodoxa, Allium drumstick, Allium roseum, and Dreamland Single late tulips. It's getting cold enough to make my cheeks rosy, so I hope the rest of the mail order bulbs come soon!


Titania said...

The two aerial views are very good. I love the autumn colours; the little church with the last resting place. Canada is such a beautiful country. It is very cold where you live but it is also very beautiful. Your springbulbs will now rest and than in spring wow!

easygardener said...

Lovely photos, particularly the one of the church. You've reminded me I need to buy some Scilla siberica, mine have gradually disapeared over the years.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. You live in a great area.

What is the average temperature there now? When does it get dark? Its dark here at about 7pm, or ten to seven. Ughhh. I miss the summer already!

Anonymous said...

Clouds orchids have lots of miltoniopsis for sale, at 10$ for a large seedling, which normally means that it will bloom the first spring after you get them. (Clouds orchids are very nice and much larger than you would expect).
The bad thing is that you have to spend 60$ (pre shipping price) in order to place a mail order. Thats not a bad thing per se, but you will land up ordering lots of orchids! (unless you opt for more expensieve ones)