Friday, September 26, 2008

Frost on the Flowers

I went out early this morning to see the state of the frosty flowers. The grass had a silvery coat of frost and the flowers had sparkly crusts of ice.
Rose "Morden Blush"

The wild pincherry trees produce brilliant colors in the fall.

The fall asters are just starting. This is Aster dumosus "Alert".

No, my fall bulbs are not planted yet. The small order from Veseys came yesterday in the mail but the big order from Botanus is still in the mail somewhere!


GardenJoy4Me said...

What gorgeous pictures you caught with the frost .. I have Morden Sunrise rose .. but now Blush is something I will try and squeeze in .. it looked so pretty.
Wonderful colour on your leaves right now too .. we need some more COLD nights to get things going here.
Beautiful pictures !

Country Gardener said...

We haven't had any serious frost yet, but I'm sure it's going to come soon. Nice blog. Cheers, Yvonne

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Beauty, beauty, beauty! What lovely photos, I can hardly wait for the first frost. Actually, maybe I can wait.