Monday, July 07, 2008

Sunflower Seed Syndrome - A Must Read

If you think this is a darling little flower, then you need to think twice about the dreaded dangers of sunflowers. I came upon this indispensable tidbit in the text "Medical Toxicology, Third Edition" 2003 by E. Martin Caravati and Richard C. Dart:

"Ingestion of large amounts of unhusked sunflower seeds may result in obstipation, rectal pain with defecation, and a "crunchy" sensation on rectal examination. Attempts to defecate enhance the symptoms. Rectal impaction has occurred in children that required removal by endoscopic biopsy forceps and rectal irrigation. Disimpaction may require general anesthesia."

Remarkable! So don't be eating bags of unhusked sunflower seeds.

Campanula carpatica "Blue Clips" just started blooming in the past 3 days:


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sunflowers! Are yous blooming already!?

I am trying sunflowers for the first time this year-- its a red/ brownish kind called infared I will post pictures when they bloom!

Amy said...

Oooh...ouch...I'll keep that in mind :) We've got a whole bunch of sunflowers planted, but plan to use most of the seed heads for the birds. Yikes! Lovely photo of your blue clips campanula - I must remember to get a piece of that plant from my mother's garden next spring.