Thursday, July 24, 2008

Proud Mother of a Broccoli and Mystery Vegetable

I am very proud of my very first head of broccoli, feeling nearly maternal towards this cruciferous vegetable. I'd never actually seen broccoli growing in a garden before, so I was excited to watch every stage of my four broccoli plants this year. From the looks of the plant and leaves, we don't have a flea beetle problem (this year, anyhow).

Of course, the broccoli take up a fair bit of space in my "massive" 4 by 10 foot garden, so they had to be worth it. We ate some fresh broccoli with our supper tonight, and I'd say it was a bit sweeter than the store-bought stuff. I gave my broccoli a headstart by starting them indoors this spring, and they have been thriving off the worm compost added to the soil.

Allium "Gladiator" seedhead, quite ornamental in my opinion:

This mystery plant probably grew out of some seed in my compost. I potted it up out of curiosity. I have no clue what it is. Does anybody out there know? I'll take another picture when the buds open, if that helps.


Becky said...

I think you've got a Hollyhock there. See this link:

It won't bloom this year, but it will next year.

O.I.M said...

congratulations on the broccoli. i have eight plants and they still have a long way to go. love the allium. no idea about the mystery plant i'm afraid. if it is a hollyhock, that would be lovely. I've tried to grow them so many times but always find they look better to me in other people's gardens.

Gardenista said...

I agree the leaves look like a hollyhock, but doubt that it is a flower. Lots of these plants grew out of my potting soil in which I put a little kitchen compost. Thus, this is probably some edible fruit or vegetable.

Saskboy said...

It looks very squash like.

Jon said...

People are trying to grow hollyhocks - I'm trying to kill mine. They spread like wildfire.

They do look nice as a very tall backdrop for other shrubs / plants though.

Anonymous said...

Are the undersides of the leaves rough and the vines have a fine prickle all over? Does the "flower" open up, and a bright yellow almost orange? It's a pumpkin!!!

Julie said...

Not sure but to me it looks like some type of squash plant. If it is keep it!! You will have the best squash around!
Julie form CA

Anonymous said...

It looks like butternut squash, ha ha, i have them popping up all over our garden, the seeds are quite adaptable!