Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How Did That Plant Get Here?

It is quite hot and humid here today, with thunder rumbling in the distance. The clouds preceding a thunderstorm made for a good opportunity to photograph flowers.

I was shocked to see this bright orange flower glaring at me from the center of a raised bed today. My color theme in the yard excludes reds and oranges and I have not planted any new lilies in two years, so I am baffled about this shockingly-bright orange lily. I doubt that the pink, white, and burgundy lilies would have changed color this year and there is no way this could have come from a lily seed, as it is a substantial-sized plant. Bizarre! I welcome any explanations.

The Osteopermum "Passion Mix" are finally showing alot of blooms. I grew these from (expensive) seed early in the spring. I pinched them back repeatedly to make sure they got bushy, so I think that effort is now paying off.

Another gratuitous picture of a purple Delphinium:


Karen said...

Maybe the burgundy and orange are close cousins? I planted what I thought were burgundy lilies and got bright orange. Other than that, I don't know. Will you be moving them?

O.I.M said...

do you have squirrels? they relocated some of my lily bulbs and are the prime suspects when it comes to some fritillaria that mysteriously popped up in my garden in the spring of 2007. I suspect they dragged the bulbs over from another yard. aside from wildlife that gardens, i have no other ideas.

by the way, any picture of a delphinium, even a gratuitous one, is always welcome.


jodi said...

Giggle. I LOVE your orange lilies, and think they'd make a great counterpoint to your usual colour scheme, which is also very yummy.
I'm intrigued that you're having the hot and humids too. Is it getting tiresome for you as it is for us?