Thursday, October 04, 2007

Updated Hardy Perennial Plants List

I have been working on my perennial plant list over the past week and I think it is much improved. I included most of the perennials in my yard as well as some from friends' yards. All of these perennials must be hardy, because they are growing here in Canadian agriculture zone 1b. However, I feel my yard is somehow warmer, something more like a zone 2b or 3a, or maybe the copious snow-cover is just very protective.

Which brings me to...northern garden tip for fall: the messier your yard, the better it is for overwintering plants. Leaving perennials uncut will trap snow. Remove the dead foliage in spring.

Perennial border, June 18, 2007:

Click here to see the list or click on the link in the left hand column.
Click here to find out what Canadian agriculture zone you are in.

How is your garden planning going? Are you designing landscapes and projects over the winter? Scrapbooking about your garden?

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