Saturday, October 27, 2007

Micro Tom Tomatoes and Herbs

One of my "Micro Tom" miniature tomato plants produced a first flower today! How about that for garden blooms in the far north? Yeah, it's an indoor plant, but I'm still excited about this. These plants germinated in mid-September and hopefully I'll have some little tomatoes by Christmas. The plant with the flower is actually the bigger plant, and a bit leggy though it received alot of light. These plants are about the size of my hand and are starting to set fruit. Aren't they so cute?

Space is limited in the basement light garden, which explains why I'm not trying to grow melons and cucumbers down there. I still think I could do that, but they'd each take up a whole shelf (at the very least) and I want to experiment with a variety of plants.

Rosemary, transplanted from outside. I found this to be a slow-growing plant outside, but it's doing well inside. I'm looking forward to some nice slow-roasted rosemary potatoes...

Marigolds, flowering mightily in the basement. I've heard that marigolds keep bugs away from vegetables. So far, no bugs have infested the basement, which is good.

Lemongrass. Yep, still just looks like grass, but tastes so lemony!


Vanillalotus said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog and coming by. I love all your little indoor plants. I wish I had room to set up an indoor lighting system. I hope your edible inside gardening goes well. As you saw on Snappy's blog it's something I'm interested in. I'll have to try one plant of something easy and see how it goes.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

How cool--I've seen those Micro toms before but have never known anyone who has grown them. It will be interesting to follow along and find out how well they do for you!

By the way, your sled dog is gorgeous. I can't judge his/her size from the picture so I have to ask--Malamute or Husky? (Or something else?)

My girl is half Malamute, half Labrador retriever, but she acts more like a Mal than a Lab. (Stubborn, has her own opinion about things, makes wookie-like noises, and so forth.) She's my first "sled dog" and a lot of work, but so rewarding. I wouldn't hesitate to have another one someday.

Gardenista said...

Blackswamp girl:
Thanks for the comment on my tomatoes! Yeah, I'm curious to see if the fruits taste okay.

You were right on both counts about our dog - Malamute dad and Husky mom. I think she looks a little more Malamute, and has that personality too. She only vocalizes to make harmony for sirens, is stubborn but friendly and curious, is gentle and relatively calm as long as she gets her daily walk. She, probably like your dog, is eagerly awaiting snow and cold! I'll be sure to post pics from the Iditarod-qualifying race here in the new year (our dog isn't in it, the spoiled girl).

Eve said...

Love you blog...You know, I think marigolds do help keep pest it is June and I haven't seen many pests. I do the square foot garden style of gardening and in some of the blocks I plant marigolds. Here is my blog if you would like to see how I'm doing..: )