Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October Asters and My First Scabiosa

We still see people boating on the lake and we haven't had any snow that stayed on the ground yet. This is a bit later than the last few years. Of course, we've had several hard frosts and all the leaves are off the trees, but that doesn't stop the asters. There is not a bit of yellow or wilted foliage on these plants. The flowers are a bit small on this type, but there are many flowers on the rather large plant.

Aster dumosus "Alert"

I started Scabiosa caucasica "House's hybrids" from seed two years ago, but then transplanted the plants a few times this summer, slowing their progress. I was shocked to see a bloom out there today! I don't know when Scabiosa usually bloom, but I imagine this is late!


Karen said...

That's a nice scabiosa. Mine usually bloom starting in June, but there are different kinds (I don't have that cream-coloured one) and I am in zone 5b.

Anonymous said...

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Kylee said...

Your scabiosa is exquisite! I don't have that particular species, but mine finished for the season a few weeks ago. No matter - just enjoy it! It's lovely!

kate said...

Wow! Mine stopped blooming in late September. This is my favourite Scabiosa. I have it in white, pale bleu and a blue/mauve. I am glad to see that you weren't hit by frost too early on!