Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Why my "weed" has thorns...

I don't know much about Cleome spinosa, other than I like a photo my Dad took last year of some plants growing in BC. I decided to grow it from seed this year. It took a while germinating, finally doing so after I put the pot out in the cool garage. A google image search shows these tall annuals with leaves that look like...I squint at the tiny photos...marijuana! Hmmm. And I am growing these in my basement under grow lights...but of course, the blooms give these plants away pretty quickly. Or, if you're a slow learner, the painful thorns, as this story illustrates -- I found this on the "garden banter" page:
...Cleome SPINOSA, [I] told the local cops who came up our driveway one night after a speeder who wound up in our driveway (dead end road) when he was eyeballing the four foot plants to go ahead and grab one and yank it up. As he wrapped his beefy hands around the central stalk, he let go of it and hollered good. Those little spines bite pretty well.....he then remarked that "marijuana ain't got spines!" I just smiled and said, yer right officer, those are my flowers............they just LOOK like pot!

Further googling found a webpage by underemployed goofs who can't spell or properly use English punctuation. They advised cleome as well as some other plants as good "smokescreen" plantings to disguise your less-than-legal garden activities. One even suggested stinging nettle as an especially good companion plant. So to all you concerned parents out there: when your beloved child comes home with red eyes, itchy rash, and the munchies...ask him about his new interest in recreational horticultural pharmaceuticals.


Kate said...

Oh that's a good one! When I see Cleome growing, I will have to scan around and see what else might be growing nearby.

Stinging nettles? That is downright nasty.

Jade Graham said...

Law enforcement is the main reason hemp is not available legally as a food source in both Australia and New Zealand and we are the only two countries in the entire world where this idiocy is so. medical marijuana