Thursday, May 03, 2007

Postal Plant Thrills

Besides my usual ebay packages yesterday, I was excited to get an order of bare root plants from Veseys. I ordered them back in the dark days of winter, when catalogs entice gardeners with discounts for early-ordering and taunt you with mouthwatering colorful pictures of exotic new breeds, making one feel like the victim of plant pornography. Then, by the time spring arrives and the plants show up at the local post office, I have forgotten what I ordered in the first place. By the way, the pictures in the post are from the Veseys site, and I can only hope that my plants will look as good!

I now need to find places to plant 4 roots of Eryngium alpinum (Blue Sea Holly, zone 4a), 2 roots of white "Jade" Echinacea (Coneflower, zone 3a), and 2 roots of dark pink "Little Business" Daylily (zone 3a). The "Jade" Echinacea is a new white version of the usual pink flower. I also have several of the traditional pink ones. Both the Erygium and novel Echinacea are going into the blue/yellow/white-themed raised bed (aka the Ikea garden).

Of course, there are a few pinks and purples thrown in there, but I have strictly avoided reds and oranges. Last year, a spectacular orange LA hybrid lily bloomed in that bed. Of course, it was by itself, a thing of beauty and robust health. However, it clashed with my vision for the yard and I dug it up and gave it to the neighbours.


Karen said...

How funny, I used to avoid reds and oranges too, and I know a few others who are the same. I am only now starting to incorporate them carefully in certain areas of the garden.

In answer to your question on my blog, you might be interested in this historical post that describes how my garden evolved.

Kate said...

I am curious to see how the Jade Echinacea does ... it looks beautiful. Blue Sea Holly is so pretty. I love it.

I have pretty much avoided oranges and reds because they stand out like sore thumbs in my garden. I do have bright orange tiger lilies that won't leave, no matter how often I dig them up!

Have a good weekend ... hope you can get some great gardening in!!