Thursday, June 06, 2013

Flowers, Fires, and Rain

It's back to forest fire season in the north.  There has been a fire burning north of town for the last few weeks and I can see and smell the smoky haze when flying out of La Ronge.  We finally got some rain today, which breaks a long dry spell.  A house fire yesterday in Potatoe Lake, south of La Ronge, happened during maximum fire risk, and the dry trees and grass probably did not help.  The water bombers are busy. 
Irises and a bee
Now that our transformer is fixed on our street, we have power again today!  Yay, the computer is working again!  I heard a large crack of thunder though, so I wouldn't be surprised if we lost power again soon.  The barbeque may see some more use in the near future.

Bergenia flowers with a Golden Crab Spider (white and pink spider)
I really need to do some weeding, but am beheading the yellow dandelion tops in the flower beds until I can get in to do some real digging.  The columbines (Aquilegia) are starting in one flower bed, and the tulips are looking finished.  It seems early for tulips to be done already, since I usually have some stragglers nearly lasting until July.
Primula -but I lost the name
"Carmine Jewel" tart cherry tree in blossom
Dryas octopetala - very attractive rock garden flower
Scarlet runner beans - to grow up our deck posts this year
As you can see in the photos, the dandelions are thriving.  The seeds blow all around, and not just from our yard, so this is really inevitable.  Truly, I hate the invasive horsetail weeds that spread around my flower beds even more than the dandelions in the lawn.  I can't even hope to get the horsetail roots out (I suspect it's not even possible).  Garden tasks to do now: clip the dead flower heads off the tulips and daffodils to prevent them wasting their energy on making seeds. 

Are you growing any herbs yet?  If you have a spare pot, throw in some parsley, basil, or cilantro seeds!  Fresh herbs in summer cooking tastes amazing!  My herbs in the patio pot are just coming up.


--Leanan-- said...

Hello! love your purple irises :)
Good luck with getting rid of horsetail roots. I tried once...but I gave up. I think the roots end up at the other side of the Earth and they make another horsetail there :D

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