Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Between-Tulips-and-Lilies Season

Tiger Swallowtail butterflies on the chives
We are in that no-plants-land of time where neither lilies not tulips are blooming.  Well, a few straggler tulips are trying, but are hardly to be seen.  Everything is a lovely green though, as we've had rain most of the last week.  The folks canoeing on the Churchill River will not have enjoyed the recent weather.  I spent last weekend working, so no pleasant weather was wasted.  How's that for a positive spin on things?

 Also, the lawn finally got mowed and edges trimmed.  It even appears the dandelions are gone -- for a brief moment.  They will raise their bright heads again soon.  I've divided several perennials and hope they're enjoying their new homes.  The kids have eaten a crop of baby spinach leaves and were terribly excited about it.  That was pretty great to see.  All kids should get to grow things.
Peony buds
You can see the picture of my peony buds covered with ants.  Note that I do not do anything to deter the ants.  They don't do any damage, they are just eating the sticky sap that oozes from the buds.  I leave them alone and everybody is happy.  Spraying them runs the risk of killing bees, and I'm spreading the word about being nice to bees this year.  Save the bees, grow some flowers!
Alpine bed full of tiny white Erigeron flowers (they are closed here, as this was early morning)
 I got my first Erigeron plant from Wrightman alpines a few years ago, and now they've taken over the alpine bed.  This is a good thing, as they are pretty and hopefully mask the weeds (mostly horsetails).  I've been looking at Jelitto seeds catalog and they have a wonderful variety of them.  I just love the yellow Erigeron below, with its short mat of leaves nearly covered in flowers.  I'm definitely going to buy more kinds of these in my future and add them to rock gardens.
A yellow variety of Erigeron

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