Sunday, May 26, 2013

Organic Dandelion Control

I peeked out the window this morning to see a pleasant sight -- someone was taking care of the dandelion crop in the lawn!  He was brown and furry and had large ears.  He seemed to have a preference for the dandelions and was nibbling off the flower heads.  Nature is wonderful!  Now, I don't worry much about rabbits ruining my landscape, as we haven't ever had a problem with them.  I am hoping this one is smart enough to avoid crawling under the backyard fence and encountering the our rodent-exterminator dog. 
Dandelion-nibbling rabbit
The tiny white daisy-like flowers of Erigeron compositus are filling the alpine bed around the tiny rock-garden iris, Iris sauveolens v. Rubromarginata.  The plant has grown a lot since last year and produced many blooms.  The finished flowers look rather scruffy (I probably should pluck them off), but it is unique, with the grown plant only 10 cm tall.  Someday, I would like to have some different colors of this same type of Iris.       
Iris sauveolens "Rubromarginata"
Tulips and daffodils this morning

Goodbye rabbit - return again!
Otherwise, the lake ice is finally melted, La Ronge is into yard sale season, and the black flies are not yet upon us.  Enjoy the outdoors now! 

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Sarah O. said...

The annoying bit is when the snowshoe hare returns just as the dandelions go to seed. I couldn't tell you how many times I have seen one bite a flower stem off, nibble it down to the downy seed heads, and then go "pfft!" and spit it out, causing the seeds to float out far and wide (but never as far as the neighbours).