Friday, May 24, 2013

Akebono - Lovely Tulips

Akebona double late tulip
The trees are green and the lake appears to be entirely thawed here in La Ronge.  The first of the tulips are in full bloom in my yard.  This lovely yellow tulip is a double late variety.  I planted this one from Botanus last fall.  I really like the fine red edge on the petals of this double-flowered tulip. Now I need to get out there and dig up the flowering dandelions in my flowerbeds!  
Akebono double late tulips (yellow).

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Barbara said...

Spring really seems to have arrived in your garden. So nice to see colorful spots and flowers after a long winter. I guess you're happy about it. Here it looks as if we had returned to winter again, cold and rainy days and sometimes even some snowflakes. However, I use every dry minute to work in my garden. There is so much to do and we're in delay due to the bad weather.
Enjoy the sunny Spring days!