Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wildlife en route

Well, the garden is looking pretty dismal at the moment. All the flowers that have usually put on a show for May are either absent or greatly delayed. There are no signs of any daffodils, which is rather ominous, and may signal that all the bulbs froze and rotted. I hope not, but it is rather unusual that I don't see any sign of them.

So, as an alternative, here are some animals we spotted on our recent roadtrip:

Sandhill cranes, spotted south of La Ronge. These very tall birds made some strange noises, rather like something being strangled, as they flew away from us.

Raven in Banff national park (okay, so this is no elk or mountain sheep):

Mother bear and three cubs spotted south of La Ronge:


Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Love the bear picture!
No daffs is ominous! I don't think daffodils freeze and die. Mine are fine. I sure hope something comes up soon!

Sheila said...

Love the raven! Cocky looking fellow!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Love the raven. We have one here who lives on the cliff over the ravine. He often flies over our house and I am always intriqued by him.

Hope your daffs show!

Jim Groble said...

Great bear pic. jim

Anonymous said...

Candle Lake Sandra returning : It's super you saw and heard Sandhill Cranes.. Our family farm had a pair of them nesting on a back quarter most of the years we lived there.I rather mourned the fact we'd not have them when we moved. As we drove away with one last load these same Sandhill Cranes were in the middle of our road, doing a dance, leaping in the air beating their wings winding their necks together. God Spoils us So!