Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Penticton Japanese Garden

The recent gap in garden posting is the result of a trip to green places in British Columbia. I am sad to be missing the early stages of my spring bulbs back in Saskatchewan, but am appreciating the spring blossoms in the Okanagan now, instead. The pink and white blossoms of the dogwood trees, deep pink-covered branches of the hawthornes, and majestic pink flower-spires of the horse chestnut trees are amazing here in May.
Pond at the Penticton-Ikeda Japanese garden, which is located on the beach at Okanagan lake.
Rhododendrons in bloom:
Rhododendrons and various shapes of evergreens along the pond:

Bearded irises and bamboo:


Kyna said...

BC in the spring is beautiful! I've only ever seen it in person in the blazing hot summer :)

The Garden Ms. S said...

Spring in BC *sigh* - we used to go to Victoria for 4-5 days in the spring - before baby. I do miss it.

Lovely pics!

Clayton said...

Good for you. Enjoy!