Thursday, April 15, 2010

Late for a Very Important Date...

It seems that most of the plants in our yard have missed their alarm clocks and slept in a bit. In most of the previous five years, the crocuses were blooming at this date. Today, I searched around and found only one tiny green tip of a crocus emerging from the soil. There are a few tips of Scilla emerging in sunny spots, and the reticulated irises, narcissus, and chionodoxa are nowhere to be found. Tulipa tarda is growing well, but a bit late. That bulb seems to thrive in harsh conditions.
Lonely crocus:

Tulipa humulis (a botanical/species tulip) is the earliest-growing bulb in the yard this year:

I am suspecting that I will have lost more perennials this winter than any year in the past five years, as many of the evergreen perennials look entirely dead this spring. The bergenias look beaten-up, but not yet defeated. My beloved Lewisias appear to have rotted into mushy puddles, and even some of the sedums look like blackened heaps of washed-up seaweed.
This Saxifraga "Purple Robe" looks great, however:

The junipers suffered terrible winter damage, with their tops all browned. I didn't cover these shrubs, though in retrospect, that would have been a good idea. It's just that they never needed extra protection for the previous four years. Who would have known we would have such a cold fall with so little snow? I hope that the bulbs made it, as there are lots of daffodils and tulips buried out there.
Brown junipers and a slightly damaged nest spruce:

You have to admire Primula auricula, which is admirably winter hardy:

I wish I had a carpet of those primulas. What a great spring show that would be!

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Cowtown Pattie said...

Jus found your beautiful blog. Though we are miles and miles apart, the joy of growing things closes the gap.

Texas, my home, is far different in climate than "zone one", for sure!