Saturday, April 24, 2010

Can't see the view for the Snowplow...

Like many other places in northern Canada today, we got dumped on. One foot of snow! Yes, can you believe it? I even passed the RCMP (Canadian police) truck pulling the official RCMP snowmobile on a trailer back to the station. I wonder if they were doing some business out on the snow machines today?

It seems our squirrel inhabitant of the bird house had to clear the walk this morning:

There is no playing with the kids' playset today:


Kyna said...

Oh. My. God. I totally don't miss that.

When I tell people that it's snowed on my birthday before when I lived in Edmonton, they go O_O. My birthday is May 31.

Love shocking the Americans...I can tell them anything about Canada and they'll believe me. Unfortunately, the snow thing was true :(

GardenJoy4Me said...

I'm still laughing at Kyna screwing with the American mind set : ) hehehehe
Well girl .. what can I say about the snow .. it is good for the water table ? eventually ?
I know .. shut up and bring on the sunshine ? LOL

The Garden Ms. S said...

Joy is right - think of the moisture!

(We have the same playset for our little boy - but he is getting so big he doesn't really slide down the slide anymore and just bends his knees) ;-)

Spring shall return! Hang in there.