Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some Two-Faced Spider

Here's a spider with a face to spare. Doesn't it look like someone tried to sew a face onto the back of this one? Really, I don't like spiders too much. I can't help but get immediate feelings of repulsion. Sorry, spider world. I admit to smushing the ones that invade my laundry pile and crawl towards me when I'm in the bathtub, but I leave the outdoor ones alone. I found this one next to the faucet for the garden hose.

The only gardening I've done recently consists of watering a few desperate plants in pots. I did notice that my pumpkins are now orange (yeah!). I spotted them while getting scallions for dinner last night. An unfortunate series of minor illnesses has been getting in the way of my gardening destiny. Let's hope for a long fall.


Chookie said...

LOL -- if the bugs are large, shouldn't you embrace that cute little doughboy there? I thought he was sweet!

Here's one of our common spiders, teh huntsman:

wiseacre said...

Looking at the smaller size reminds me of a happy face and makes me want to squish it.

Looking at the larger image revels symmetrical markings and dimples that makes me want to give it a hug.

Gardenista said...

Just so you all know, this bug followed my rule for outdoor spiders - he/she is still living in happiness next to my faucet.

The Garden Ms. S said...

That little face is just too cute! A little man in the moon.

(Glad you spared him :))

GardenJoy4Me said...

Gardenista sorry you have been feeling unwell .. seems a lot of that is going around .. my garden has suffered because of that happening to me too.
That is a hilarious spider and you are right about the face thing .. too funny ! Will you take pictures of your pumpkins so we can see them? I am a huge pumpkin fan : )

Natalie said...

Hi Lisa! It's your Aunt-in-law here! (;

I was thinking that Harrowsmith Magazine might be interested in your garden, it's unique home, and the lady that nurtures it. Could be fun. (:


Clayton said...

This looks to me like a spider which is ready to bear live babies soon - may already have done so.
I did a look onlne and here is a link
Probably more than you wanted to know!
Check out orb weavers.