Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rather Blah Unless You Look Really Hard

The nearly-fall garden is not particularly exciting. That's probably why I'd rather not post pictures of it, but I did anyhow. The orange berries of the mountain ash tree are pretty though, but I hate having to pull all the little ash tree seedlings near that tree.
Large raised bed:

Sloped flower bed under mountain ash tree:

Some of the area under the tree was covered with bark mulch two years ago, but that layer is getting rather thin and old and it desperately needs to be topped up. However, resident-lawnmower-man told me that "you already put mulch there [2 years ago], why would you need any more?". This is the same guy that asks why I buy the toddler-gardener new pants every 6 months or so, since "she already has those". I should be asking him, "Why do you want lunch today? Didn't you have some yesterday?". Hmmm.

Do you have an interest in primulas of northern Scotland? I got several Primula scotica from our local American Primrose Society member. I believe she grew the plants from seeds obtained from their society seed exchange.
Primula scotica:

The alpine garden is doing well. Some plants did so well that I dug them up and tossed them out of it, telling them never to come back. Like other Cerastiums, the alpine version can take over quite a large space in a small amount of time. I am now keeping only one Cerastium specimen in there, and that one had better behave.

On the other hand, some plants grew quite slowly, like this Draba polytricha. The whole plant never grew any bigger than the end of my thumb. I hope it makes a conspicuous bloom someday.
Draba polytricha:

Jovibarba rosettes filling the space between rocks:

I grew those jovibarba from seed last winter. A few little rosettes planted in that space grew into a nice little crust of those lovely succulents. None of them flowered yet.

We have pumpkins! Yes, two of them are living on a vine that is growing on the pile of dirt and weeds out back. See that dandelion? It alone could feed a family of four.


Chookie said...

I think your large raised bed looks pretty good -- it has a good variety of forms, and lovely shades of green. Very restful!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Gardenista I absolutely love your stone wall ! .. My poor Mountain Ash tree is on it's last legs I think .. it is 10 years old and hidden by my neighbor's HUGE maple so it does not get the sun it should .. seeing yours made that point hit home hard .. maybe it is time to switch out to a Japanese maple in that corner.
You garden is very pretty .. you live in a gorgeous area : )

Rosey Pollen said...

I am with gj4me, your stone wall is simply fabulous! I did not think it was blah.


The Garden Ms. S said...

A great gardener - and you're funny!

Loved this post. :)

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

I also loved your wall, it adds so much character.
My garden is at our weekend house in Owen Sound, stuck in a tiny condo in Toronto all week. I put mulch on my garden in the spring and in the fall. It really keeps the weeds down for me. After all, I spend my whole weekend cutting the 3/4 of an acre lawn!