Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Sluggish Photo

For those who deny that we have slugs up here in the north, here is the proof to the contrary. I know gardeners who swear they've never seen a slug around here, and others that complain of slugs eating their plants. I personally have never noticed any slug damage on my plants. I am one of those fortunate gardeners who has some lovely hostas and no problems with slugs treating them like a salad bar.
Slug in my La Ronge garden:

Actually, this pale brown, approximately 2.5 cm long slug was making his slimy little track across the the alpine garden. This slug doesn't really bother me, when I think back to the monstrous plant-chomping slug-terrors that live in the Vancouver area. You nearly need to stop your car to let them cross the road (okay, so I exaggerate a bit). We are having quite a bit of rain recently, which the slug probably likes. Today, we had thunderstorms with hail. Of course, I immediately ran to check on the potted tomatoes on the front deck. The well-being of the house and vehicles was of secondary importance.


GardenJoy4Me said...

I have to laugh at your comment on having to stop the car for a slug crossing because they are so BIG .. they ARE that big from what I remember ! .. another oddity while we lived on Vancouver Island were "gooy-ducks" .. talk about eeeuuuuwwww !!! LOL

easygardener said...

3o years ago when we moved here I rarely saw a slug (only snails). Now they are about equal in numbers. That slug of yours could be an advanced out!

Sigrun said...

Nasty littly critters. Like finding them curled up inside a hole in a carrot, or a strawberry (for years I thought the holes in strawberries were from birds--till I found the real culprits. I bought slug traps (still sitting in the basement three years later) and haven't seen a slug since.

guild-rez said...

Last year I discovered a tiger slug in our garden and this year again. Please take a look at my blog. Theu are almost 10" long and very slimy.

Scott said...

I discovered slugs in our garden in Melfort this year. I have never heard of or seen a slug in this area until this year. Now I go on slug patrol each morning and generally find around ten each time. For a look see

I found a salamander a few days ago (I hope it's eating lots of slugs). I was happy to find the salamander as I was worried they were disappearing as I haven't seen one for years.