Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Still Cold

Upon waking this morning, I heard CBC radio announce the temperature here in La Ronge was -39 degrees C. "But there is no wind", they said. Yes, it's only a still cold.

I made these meringue mushrooms last night. If all goes well, they will decorate the yule log we will eat on Friday night at a family gathering. I am quite impressed at my first attempt at sweet edible fungus made of egg whites.

With temperatures this low, my flight up north was cancelled today. The extreme cold is "hard on the planes", according to the explanation I heard recently. This might explain the experience my dear resident-lawnmower-man had this past week on his chartered plane. Upon landing on a dirt airstrip, there was a strange shudder and a rapid deceleration as the nose of the plane lurched towards the ground. The front tire had burst. Anyone who has a vehicle in cold conditions knows the effect of the cold on usually pliable tires. They get that flat spot on the frozen bottom, making your first kilometer rather bumpy. Anyhow, the pilot and RLM were all okay and the plane got fixed later that day. Ah, the cold. But it's only a still cold.


Cicero Sings said...

Your meringues turned out wonderful!

Bumpy tires ... I remember them well from when we lived up in Ft. St. John.

But you have to admit a Still Cold is far preferable to a wind plus cold. Yes, a still cold is MUCH preferable at that dread -39 degrees!!!

Barbarapc said...

Fungi are fabulous! When I read that it's still and -39; it feels like we just have babywinter here.

the Red Scot said...

The "mushrooms" do look great.

easygardener said...

Snow, -39 degrees, yule logs and meringue mushrooms, sounds like a Christmas fairy land!