Friday, March 14, 2008

Plants and Power Outages

Unlike the unlucky folks in the eastern half of our country, we received no awful storms up here this week. We did get a long power outage though. Furthermore, we're not even sure why. Either I'm not sufficiently connected to the gossip chain, or the media just ignores the northerners (I firmly believe this last point).

This last Tuesday, we had 8.5 hours of no electricity during the workday. This meant we also had no running water, as the town's water pumps were also not functioning. Imagine your workplace with no flushing toilets. The staff could not tolerate lack of coffee, however, and that essential appliance was plugged into a generator-run outlet (with water from the emergency supplies). They realized the error of their ways sometime later when full bladders met full toilets. We called the power company at 1:00 pm and the recording went something like this: "We're not sure what is causing this power outage. If you have any tips, please call us." Being (not) so reassured, I built a large fire in the fireplace at home and felt toasty warm until power was restored at 3 pm, when I could surf garden blogs yet again!

Osteospermum "Passion Mix": I just pinched the top off the largest one. I didn't do this the last time I grew these and they ended up sparse and gangly.

Fortunately, the weather wasn't severe during the power outage. There were even a few days above freezing this week, and a small patch of sloped flower bed was revealed. I'm hoping for green tips of plants poking out in a few weeks.

Yet another columbine (Aquilegia). I collect them like I collect shoes, only this obsession doesn't go noticed by RLM (and no teasing and harassment ensues).

No, this is not oak-leaf lettuce. This is my solitary Gerbera daisy, grown from seed because I heard that growing them was a challenge. Ha! Just watch me grow them in subarctic Canada!


Jane Marie said...

You're doing well for such a rough winter. Our snow is just starting to disappear. I saw some tulip sprouts yesterday. That's about it so far.
You seedings are doing well also. I was too lazy to start any this year, although it's not too late. Our frost free date is May 30th. I'd better get started then!

Amy said...

I firmly believe in that last point too :) Over here it's as though the universe revolves around Vancouver. It's a source of some bitterness "up here". I remember last year when a big wind storm took out some old growth trees in Stanley Park. It was in the news for months on end, they got *federal* funding to fix the "problem". Meanwhile up here the pine forests are dying of the mountain pine beetle epidemic - the rest of the province doesn't give a hoot about Stanley Park. Okay, I'm finished ranting now, lol!

WiseAcre said...

I know what you mean by overlooked. Seems anyone over 200 miles south of here doesn't even know the State borders Canada.

Wood heat is second nature. My first choice is wood, the oil burner only comes on if I get lazy. I can't imaging people living in the north without it for a backup. When the power goes off it can be days for some before it's restored. My daughter just went a bit over 2 days without power after the last storm. But that was nothing compared to the weeks without power after the ice storm of '98

Glad to hear you only went 8 hours and your seedlings survived.