Saturday, June 17, 2006

Garden Fauna

Well, no garden would be complete without wildlife. My not-so-wild furry friend is a Siberian Husky x Alaskan Malamute. She escaped the yard by digging under the fence this week. We think she found this deer antler in her morning "on the lam". Who knows where she found it? If it's one of the neighbours' cherished garden decorations...well, sorry about that! I think the dog is cherishing it more at the moment.
Last week we woke to hear the dog barking (VERY unusual for her and for the breed) and found this woodchuck cornered. It eventually got out of the yard, after we got photos of the stunned animal. I looked it up on "Hinterland Who's Who" (they have a website now, for those Canadians who fondly remember the TV clips...) and learned all about this type of marmot (

1 comment:

Kandace Groenewegen said...

A real Woodchuk! I have never seen one. Did you get to see it chuk wood?