Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Almost Lilies

Pictured: A pleasing combination of the tiny pink flowers of Saponaria ocymoides (Rock Soapwort) and Aster alpinus 'Goliath' both started from seed last year. Both never flowered last year.

Pictured: Primula acaulis started from seed in 2005 and planted out this spring. Grown in part shade next to coral bells.

Here's a random smattering of plant shots from this week. It is the post-tulip, pre-lily period and somewhat lacking in pizazz. On the other hand, the dianthus and hardy purple rose are starting to bloom.

My Delphinium elatum "Summer Skies" will be blooming soon, but they are few in numbers this year as I chopped a few off at the base early in the spring and they haven't developed any significant buds. I had started them indoors and they were quickly growing out of my space, but next year they'll probably grow normally.

Pictured: Armeria pseudarmeria 'Joystick Lilac' (Thrift) started from seed 2 yrs ago. Some people will mistake it for chives, but unlike those unwieldy onions, these don't seed themselves all over creation and will perpetually stay tidy.

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Kandace Groenewegen said...

Phhhhew! Joystick Lilac - do you know how long I have wondered the name of this flower? How many times I have peeled back the stem wondering if they were chives or not? We had some randomly growing in our yard on Vancouver Island.