Thursday, May 31, 2012

My New Favourite Tulip

I've always been a fan of single late tulips in my garden, being later-bloomers not subject to damaging early frosts.  They are tall strong flowers that often last for several years.  This year, I tried a new tulip, a mix of Impression Series tulips.  I was very impressed with these huge flowers on sturdy stems.  They bloom just ahead of my single late tulips and the flowers are nearly twice the size.  How did I live without these?  They are a hybrid between the single late tulip and Fosteriana tulips, so at least are related to my good old favourites.  My usual sources of bulbs only sell these new bulbs in shades of red and pink, but perhaps more colors will be available in the future.    
Impression Series Mix tulips in my raised bed.
Impression Series Tulip

The white Erigeron compositus contrasts stunningly with the red Saxifraga flowers.      
The alpine garden is packed with blooms at the moment.  I enjoyed seeing the white flowers of Erigeron compositus and bought a yellow Erigeron chrysopsidis (dwarf golden daisy) last year from Wrightman alpines.  It flowered for the first time this spring.  It is a tiny plant, only a couple inches tall.  It is a native plant from higher elevations of Oregon and Washington states and like many of the alpines, likes drier conditions.  I don't put the sprinkler on this garden bed, as rainfall satisfies most of its needs.    
Erigeron chrysopsidis "Grand Ridge"

White "Wildhof" Single Late tulips and pink shades of Impression series tulips in the raised bed.

Narcissus "Minnow" among the blue Aquilegia glandulosa.  Too cute!

The weather in La Ronge has been quite nice and I'm sure that the cabins on the lake will be well-used this weekend.  More folks are out strolling around or walking dogs, or like the fellow who cruises by our house every evening, running their dog down the street alongside a golf cart.  At least one of them is getting some great exercise! 


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Northern Shade said...

Those Impression Series tulips really stand out in the garden. You have so much colour in that bed. Between the tulips, narcissus and Aguilegia, it makes a pretty spring show.