Monday, April 09, 2012

Not Much Happening Yet

After a weekend of snow, the sun has come out again. Nothing is showing any signs of growth yet. Only the evergreen plants and the pictures of plants on plastic labels are showing signs of green leaves (that hosta label had me excited for a moment).
Robin in the late afternoon today:

A few viola seeds are responding to the bottom heat and darkness and have germinated in the basement. A few more annuals were planted today and other plants had cuttings made. I repotted one orchid that was putting up with a pool of water in the bottom of its pot. Apparently, the drainage hole was purely ornamental. Who would make such a thing?
Flower beds still in hibernation:

View of Lac La Ronge from the air last week:

Intrepid explorers may still be making trips across the ice, but it is becoming increasingly risky and wet. I saw plenty of spider holes, the melting open spots with spidery arms radiating out from their centers.

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spurge said...

It's so hard to wait for the first spurt of spring growth! Here it came early, and now we're being punished with frosts that are killing flowers and buds...