Thursday, October 27, 2011

Birds: Dazed and Confused

Or perhaps, I could have titled this "Birds: Drunk and Disorderly." We had a hard frost about 10 days ago and the mountain ash tree's berries have increased their sugars, and are now fermenting. The birds gorge themselves on these tasty (to them, anyhow) berries and fall out of the tree. Several have also flown into our windows, with one fatality and several temporarily dazed individuals. I have asked RLM to get some decals for our large windows, but the larger problem of the week is that the birds are drunk! No drinking and flying, and the skies would be a safer place.


Karen said...

You can make your own "decals" out of construction paper. Just make sure not to use black. Something about the birds' eyes -- they don't end up noticing black. Use bright colours or hang something shiny in the window. Anything to distract the bird and make it realize there's something in its way.

Lindsay Hermansoon said...

I have just found your blog and plan to be a faithful reader! I live near Yorkton in zonw 2b and find it frustrating that most catalogs don't carry many plants for our zones, I love that I now have a "guide" for what may work here. Thank-you, I also love Botanus!