Friday, October 01, 2010

Buried the Bulbs

"Burial mound" daffodil planting:

My bulbs came in the mail from Botanus earlier this week. I had picked the tried-and-true varieties, neglecting the fancy and expensive novelty bulbs that are likely to bring disappointment. While most of the bulbs did not appear nor flower this spring (due to terrible cold last winter), I still hold out some hope. I think I see some daffodil and muscari foliage in a few places and hope that they will flower again next year after taking a year's sabbatical. I poured half a bag of steer manure over each of the plantings, hoping it will insulate the underground investments.
Perennials among the colorful fall shrubs:

The shrub on the background left is a compact highbush cranberry (Virburnum trilobum). It took about 4 years to start making some berries. The major purpose of these berries is to look nice in winter, and maybe feed some birds. They certainly aren't very tasty.
Thick fog this morning - dock on Lac La Ronge:

The weather has been fairly warm in the last few days. This may be the reason why the blackflies are making a resurgence. During the two days of bulb planting, I've had several bites on the face, inhaled one, and swallowed several. Even the DEET-rich Muskol didn't help me, but left me with that special eau-de-northern Canada.


The Garden Ms. S said...

Don't you just love inhaling bugs. :)

Beautiful photos. You could frame that pic of the dock in the fog. What a lovely spot you have.

I am getting quite drawn to viburnums at the garden centres and am thinking of trying some. Nice to see this one did well for you.

Northern Shade said...

I love planting bulbs right now, and daydreaming about next season's flowers. This weekend will be my big bulb burying spree. Your bulbs better appreciate their cozy blanket. :)

The photo with the water in the distance behind the shrubs is very pretty.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

You've been bulb burying already? I'm still a few weeks from that, but then we're having incredibly hot weather now. It's like July. Crazy. I love the last photo especially.