Monday, March 15, 2010

Early Melting of Snow

While many gardeners in this country have already seen their crocuses come and go, we are watching the snow melt (crocuses will appear in April). Actually, it has been an early melt this year, with daytime highs above freezing for more than a week. The snowmobilers are still roaring around on the lake, though cross-country skiing is losing ground, with patches of grass showing up on their trails.
The lake will be frozen for a while yet. A truck can be seen driving on the ice road in this picture:

It has been so nice that I couldn't resist letting the fresh air in, opening the deck doors and soaking in the sunshine. Unfortunately, since the snow started retreating from the lawn, I have felt itchy eyes and phlegm in my throat. I believe my body is protesting the snow mold, which hadn't bothered me before, but seems to be fairly common among long-time residents of this area. Somehow, I feel like I'd be much happier to be sneezing at something green and spewing out pollen at this colorless time of year.
Raised beds:

Patches of snow on the lawn and the sloped rock garden:

Alpine garden, starting to peek from beneath the snow:


Sheila said...

My, my! It still looks pretty cold!

Kyna said...

Ah, Northern Saskatchewan winters...I remember those. Not many places where people can get around driving across a lake all winter lol.

Clayton said...

Good to see your post. Alas this is the time of year I fell the most impatient about (I have other words like anxious and frustrating too)since it seems quite nice but is still cool even to work outdoors for very long. On the other hand, soon buds will be breaking and those really early tulips will pop up along with the other spring bulbs so it really is a great time of the year. I have a posting up about starting seeds on rooting gel and I transplanted Goji Berry, Purple Pansy and it looks like there will be some Columbine starting this way as well. I am thinking I should have rinsed the seed with Isopropyl alcohol to kill fungus and/or bacteria.

upinak said...

OH YAY! Break up is almost HERE! Well I still have about 3 foot of snow, BUT, if you are starting to melt in your neck of the woods, Alaska isn't to far behind.

Also, and this may sound a little weird. I found some Tomatillos seeds when I went to Lowes yesterday. I saw them and thought, I wonder is she has a Lowes or a Ferry seed stand close by. Anywho, I bought 3 packages... but I thought i would let you know!

Good to know that summer is closer though. :)

Jim Groble said...

It looks beautiful. Great pics and post. it doesn't get cold enough in Ohio to drive on our lakes. jim

The Garden Ms. S said...

Gardenista, another week of these high temperatures and there will be an amazing amount of melting happening in your area. The last two weeks here in Edmonton have drastically changed everything. My friend has tulips breaking ground already!

Look forward to seeing your garden in bloom once again - I love those raised beds. :-)