Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Google Garden Tours

Here is an interesting use of technology: Google has a tricycle mounted with its all-seeing cameras, designed to record pedestrian-accessible areas for Google street view. The tricycle camera recorded images in the gardens of France's Chateau de Versailles last week and the images are to be posted by the end of the year. I noticed that people's faces and license plates are blurred out. Canada demanded the same before agreeing to allow Google's cameras into Canadian cities. No Canadian cities have had any street view pictures posted yet, but I hope they do soon. Saskatoon was unfortunately filmed in the early spring, when the city was covered in mud and slush and looking generally filthy.

I cruised around the Eiffel tower (on Google street view) this afternoon and noticed streets lined with trees covered in purple blooms. I assume Paris must have been photographed in springtime. This made me think about touring gardens with Google street view. Even if I don't get to all the great gardens of the world in my lifetime, I can take a peek at them them on the computer. At least I'm not burning plane fuel to get anywhere. Oh yes, and it's free.

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