Saturday, May 02, 2009

First Flowers and it's Only May. Wow! Okay, not really...

I spotted the first lonely crocus yesterday afternoon. So far, flower photography in the garden requires a keen eye (to find the flower) and macro lens. Several other buds look keen to open, but are just waiting for a warm day. Is there possibly anyone out there who still doesn't have crocuses? Yellowknife perhaps? Please tell me we beat out northern Siberia too.

Here is the diminutive winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis), an early spring blooming bulb (tuber, actually). I planted these two years ago, then ripped out most of them the following spring when I didn't see any plants come up. As it turns out, they just needed another year. However, they are such small plants that it would take dense mat of these to make any impact. Regardless, I now know that they are winter hardy here without any special protection.

I stopped to take this picture alongside side of the highway between Prince Albert and La Ronge last week. The red twigs of the dogwood were looking particularly nice in the early evening. After this stop, I noticed there was a beaver dam easily spotted from the road every few kilometers. The beaver population must be doing well. Trappers still seek out beaver pelts around here, though there is not much money in doing so anymore. The local fur buyer has shown us some beautiful pelts, with the darkest, nearly-black pelts being worth the most.

Sunset above some forest-fire burnt trees, south of La Ronge:

The birds have yet to board their planes for their summer cabins here in the north, but the backyard squirrel has discovered the hanging bell of sunflower seeds.

At least the squirrel provides entertainment value to our dog Kona. For the balance of the day, she has to endure the squawking squirrels in the trees above her yard. Kona usually does little more than stare at them, though I wouldn't doubt that she would catch and eat one of these rodents if given a chance. Several birds have met this fate already.


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

The sunset is majestic.... very nice.., ~ bangchik

Mike Nuckols said...

You beat out Interior Alaska with your flower. Love your site!

O.I.M said...

yay. the first crocus. you're well on your way now. happy flower hunting.

easygardener said...

I like Winter Aconites but I'm always losing them - I'm wondering if they might do better in a pot because they are always getting swamped by nearby plants. They are very understated little plants, easily overlooked