Saturday, March 14, 2009

So Spring, You're a Week Away?

While the retail clothing stores are trying to sell us bright colors and short sleeves, the landscape still maintains the appearance of early January. At least nearly the whole country can commiserate together. Last night, I even saw George Stroumboulopoulus complaining to Howie Mandel on CBC about our terrible winter this year.

Kona is getting tired of clawing a hole in the ice to get at her water bowl. Did I mention she is looking forward to daffodils blooming in another TWO months?

Yes, this is the HEATED electric water bowl. Perhaps we need to upgrade our current model.

We might also learn something from the wisdom of birds, who abandon their northern cabins for the winter.


GardenJoy4Me said...

It does make us wonder , doesn't it ? .. most of our snow is gone .. but the ground is still frozen shut .. come on down Spring !!! LOL

Cassandra said...

That looks all too familiar. Every year I'm surprised at how late the spring is, but since I've lived on the prairies almost all my life, you'd think I'd know by now!

Barbarapc said...

Liked the little birdhouse photo. btw, George is a big whiner. The snow in Toronto is gone - what's his problem? I'd send him a snowball special delivery. My husband just visited his Dad in Rawdon Quebec - north of Montreal - the melted snowbanks were still taller than he was - and he's 6'5. Hope things are percolating away on the light table. I always feel there's hope when I'm playing with little seedlings.

sexy said...