Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bright Day and Lemongrass Smoothie

It is a beautiful, bright sunny day outside. The temperatures are even warming from the -30 C we have been enduring these last few days. I have been succumbing to the temptation to sow more seeds. It's nearly an illness. Just one more seed packet, I tell myself. Next thing you know, three little pots have been sown with more seeds from the stash. Most annuals and veggies will be sown later though, since it is too early for these.

Meanwhile, it is therapeutic to see bright green growing things while the snowmobiles race by on the frozen lake. In a brazen act of violence towards plants, the littlest gardener pulled a few leaves from the lemongrass plant today. "Why waste the leaves?", I thought, so I made a smoothie using a bit of the lemongrass. I added a half can of frozen lemonade concentrate, a pear, a banana, vanilla yogurt, and a bit of milk to thin it out. The blender whipped it into this lovely smoothie that the littlest gardener also appreciated.

The lemongrass was nearly dead when I cut it down and repotted it recently. It now looks alive and well, though it's certainly not an attractive houseplant.

My picotee edged African violet is looking nice right now:


jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

The yard photo is awesome, but that smoothie looks so good to this gardener with a whalloping headcold! I think I'll go rummage in the freezer and make a mango-orange/raspberry one to sooth my throat.

easygardener said...

You must be grateful for the occasional flowering houseplant and the sprouting seeds - signs that something is still growing. I don't envy you the snow that seems to last for ever!
Ours managed to last for 3 days (lol)

Bren said...

Wonderful Photos that capture this winter that is upon us. THANK YOU For the smoothie recipe. Warm Wishes from my Midwest garden.

heidi said...

Hello in Canada.
I did like your indoor growing setup very much. In fact I intend to make my own setup this spring. I hope you don't mind that I have borrowed your photo on my blog, telling about your splendid idea.
I have of course linked your blog.

Thanks a lot.
Hugs from Heidi in Norway.

Barbarapc said...

Thank goodness for seeds, sunshine and smoothies with citrus - do hope you're getting some of this warmer weather courtesy of our fine southern friends. That violet is gorgeous.