Thursday, October 09, 2008

Movin' On Indoors

The indoor plants should be receiving a little more attention now, since their outdoor counterparts are starting to wilt and wither. On a completely different note from hardy perennials, here are a few of the houseplants doing interesting things today. I started a few peppers indoors in the spring, knowing that our season is not nearly long enough to grow them outside.

This is Ancho "San Luis", which I hope to use in some interesting southwestern cooking when I start feeling creative in a spicy-food-sort-of-way:

Here are two un-named phalaenopsis orchids. The white is having its second bloom since I got it on Mother's day this year.

The yellow one is having it's third bloom in 17 months and appears to have another flower spike growing from its base. I don't know how I got so lucky, but our prairie sun does make the orchids thrive here (that's indoors, of course)!


easygardener said...

I've got a similar yellow one and unlike all of my other Phalaenopsis it is fragrant. Don't know if applies to all yellow ones as it's the only yellow one I've got!

Ottawa Gardener said...

I have kept a couple pepper plants going for three years now. The fatali did not even fruit the first year (I called it five leaf fatali). However, I have ample habaneros now. I had bug problems last year but hopefully they haven't hitched a ride for this winter.

Gardenista said...

easygardener - you know, I think I remember noticing that this yellow one had a slight scent too when it first opened. I remember thinking that was odd, because my other phals had no scent.

Gardenista said...

ottawa gardener - what in the world do you do with peppers as hot as habaneros? I was sticking with the less hot varieties, thinking my family might actually eat them.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

17 months! Wow. I have a pink one blooming since Mother's Day also. They are wonderful plants and make great long lasting gifts.