Sunday, February 03, 2008

Trying a Venus Fly Trap

I just discovered a perfect use for the small terrarium that is sitting unused in the basement: growing a Venus Fly Trap. I have some seeds from Thompson and Morgan which I hadn't really looked at seriously until now.
I did some internet research about the soil, humidity, and watering requirements and I think I might give it a try. Although it would be much easier to just pick up a plant at Walmart (and maybe I will if this fails), I'm going to try growing a Venus fly trap from seed just for the horticultural fun of it!


kate said...

That is a good idea - a challenge! I was reading up on Venus Fly Traps since I bought one last week at the grocery store. At $3, it seemed like a good bet. I have a glass and metal ancient terrarium that I put mine in - it is also sitting in a bowl of water, since I've read that it does best like this. The water is not supposed to go above the pot rim.

I'm curious to see how well they do. It's always a great feeling when one's met with success growing plants from seed!

Kate, who thinks she should get a life and stay off Blotanical ... my head is getting stuffed full of info... hopefully I'll never reach saintly status. If you knew me, you'd laugh at how inapplicable that term is to me.

kate said...

Hi Gardenista,

I just saw that Snappy at
started some Venus Fly Trap from seeds.

Crafty Gardener said...

What a good project. Looking forward to reading about the progress of the Venus Flytrat.

Jeff Hamilton said...

Hi Gardenista,

I found your blog a while ago, and really enjoy reading your posts. I'm in Saskatoon, so not quite as north as you.

I thought I should mention (though I may be too late) that Venus Fly Traps don't need terrariums. That's kind of a myth. A regular pot of 1:1 peat:sand(or perlite) set in 1" of rainwater (or melted snow) works quite well. The pot can then be placed in a zip loc bag until the seeds sprout (which should be removed once they sprout). You will probably want a magnifying glass to view them for the first several years; they take a while to reach a reasonable size. Good luck with them though.

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