Thursday, March 29, 2007

Signs of Spring - Willows

While crocuses have already come and gone in southern climes, we are just starting to see the very first signs of spring. That it, signs of spring other than the dog's toys re-appearing in the snow of the backyard.
I had to photograph the first opening buds of the pussy willow tree (Salix discolor) in our yard. I just learned that this species of willow has separate male and female plants, each bearing distinct flowers. Once the hairy little buds mature, I'll go back and see which one we have.
The raised beds are still entirely hidden by snow, but the crunchy tops of last year's perennials are showing through. The pictured blue flowers belong to a delphinium. I planted a large patch of Pacific Giant Series delphinium seedlings last year. I grew various shades of blue and purple-flowered plants and am hoping they made it through the winter for a nice showing of flowers this year.

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Kate said...

While most of our snow has disappeared, it is still pretty cold and so the signs of spring are few and far between. It looks as if you are at about the same stage of spring as we are ...